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Look for Ladybird in Plant City 관련 이미지입니다.

Look for Ladybird in Plant City

  • 저자 : Katherina Manolessou
  • 출판사 : Frances Lincoln Children
  • 청구기호 : EJ843-M285l
  • 자료위치 : 국제자료실


Daisy's pet ladybug goes missing, so she visits super-sleuth Basil, the best detective in Plant City. Can he help her find Ladybug? Follow Daisy and Basil as they look for Ladybug all over Plant City.
Is he in the museum, the carnival, the train station, the school, the concert or the restaurant? Witty, colorful, illustrations packed with visual jokes and plenty of wild things to spot in the background will delight children of all ages.
Hours of search-and-find fun are guaranteed! Join in the hunt and Look for Ladybug! The first book in a new series from up-and-coming illustrator Katherina Manolessou.

게시물 내용
다음글 알로하, 나의 엄마들 담당자 2020/07/01
현재글 Look for Ladybird in Plant City 담당자 2020/06/09
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